No one needs to be reminded how over the last 20 years, the entire way we work, play and communicate has been turned on its head.

But for some reason, the traditional advertising agency model is still stuck in the 20th Century.

No matter how much they preach to their clients to make “bold, brave strides forward”, they’re the ones who are dragging their heels.

They should be leading the charge for change, but they’ve missed the boat.

Their model simply hasn’t evolved to cope with the changing times, technology and economic environment.

They may create content for new platforms, and use some online tools; but essentially their internal structures, processes, offerings, billing system and outlook are way past their sell by date.

Agency networks have made strategic acquisitions to try play catch up, but they haven’t made the wholesale changes required to get with the programme. It’s like trying to graft a fresh, healthy shoot onto a withering old tree, and it’s just not working.