standing as one


Almost all major agencies in South Africa are part of a global network - and being run at arms length from mega-yachts in the Med.

Along with their steep membership fees come a host of global obligations, demands and constraints. The local agencies are locked into a system that’s simply too cumbersome and inflexible to move with the times. (With no incentives, support nor capacity for real change.)

The funds that should be going into servicing clients, upskilling staff and moving forward are all being funneled into offshore accounts.

As a result, the agencies aren’t working for their clients; they’re working for their global network. They’re expected to produce more work more rapidly, with fewer resources. And they simply don’t have the budgets, the skills nor the manpower to keep up. So the quality of work suffers, and people burn out, or lose interest.

Also, since budgets are now getting split between ad agencies, digital agencies, production companies, and specialists of every sort - there is internal competition between them, overlapping of services, and less money to go around.

As a result, they don’t have the unity, the vision, nor the capacity to run truly integrated campaigns, and extract maximum value from them. (Counting Likes or Shares is only first base. The true value of social media comes from deeper analysis of the data.)

The power of the one big idea gets lost.