one of a kind


One is more than a new ad agency.

One is a new kind of agency.


ONE is the agile, streamlined and dynamic merging of award-winning ad agency experience with top-flight production expertise.

One vision that optimises all the tools, skills and platforms required to roll out truly holistic integrated campaigns.

One team focusing on one insightful strategy, and one clearly defined goal.

With one point of contact – from ideation through to final creation.

ONE is a tight-knit team of professionals dedicated to making great work – that works, entertains and inspires.

ONE is about turning two month processes into two week projects. And being flexible, engaged and dynamic enough to monitor feedback, and fine-tune campaigns while they’re running live. (We have all the facilities on hand to implement instantly.)

ONE fundamentally understands the new world we are operating within, and moving towards.

ONE is about ditching the dual allegiance and double-speak in traditional client-agency relationships. It’s about sharing, shaping and celebrating together. A singularity of vision and purpose.




No one needs to be reminded how over the last 20 years, the entire way we work, play and communicate has been turned on its head.

But for some reason, the traditional advertising agency model is still stuck in the 20th Century.

No matter how much they preach to their clients to make “bold, brave strides forward”, they’re the ones who are dragging their heels.

They should be leading the charge for change, but they’ve missed the boat.

Their model simply hasn’t evolved to cope with the changing times, technology and economic environment.

They may create content for new platforms, and use some online tools; but essentially their internal structures, processes, offerings, billing system and outlook are way past their sell by date.

Agency networks have made strategic acquisitions to try play catch up, but they haven’t made the wholesale changes required to get with the programme. It’s like trying to graft a fresh, healthy shoot onto a withering old tree, and it’s just not working.


standing as one


Almost all major agencies in South Africa are part of a global network - and being run at arms length from mega-yachts in the Med.

Along with their steep membership fees come a host of global obligations, demands and constraints. The local agencies are locked into a system that’s simply too cumbersome and inflexible to move with the times. (With no incentives, support nor capacity for real change.)

The funds that should be going into servicing clients, upskilling staff and moving forward are all being funneled into offshore accounts.

As a result, the agencies aren’t working for their clients; they’re working for their global network. They’re expected to produce more work more rapidly, with fewer resources. And they simply don’t have the budgets, the skills nor the manpower to keep up. So the quality of work suffers, and people burn out, or lose interest.

Also, since budgets are now getting split between ad agencies, digital agencies, production companies, and specialists of every sort - there is internal competition between them, overlapping of services, and less money to go around.

As a result, they don’t have the unity, the vision, nor the capacity to run truly integrated campaigns, and extract maximum value from them. (Counting Likes or Shares is only first base. The true value of social media comes from deeper analysis of the data.)

The power of the one big idea gets lost.


from one day to day ONE


Instead of fixing a broken agency model, we forged a fresh, new ONE of our own.

We re-imagined how a 21st Century agency could function; which skills and tools we’d like at our disposal; and how best to work with our clients for mutual benefit.

To liberate us from the constraints of the old-school model, we looked at the leading project management methodologies driving the fastest, most dynamic creative environment today: Silicon Valley.

Core principles from the most forward-thinking companies were identified and on-boarded – things like short meetings, goal-setting, teamwork, client collaboration, rapid prototyping, iterative refinement, flexibility, speed and accountability.  

That's why ONE's clients always have direct contact with a senior creative. This takes out the guess work, broken telephones, and wasteful delays in getting the most relevant info to where it's needed most – the ears of the people directly working on your project. Great solutions to real world problems are seldom found in job bags. And often the key to a great campaign is found in a casual remark from a client, or from conversations with showroom sales staff.

While we value the benefits of mutual commitment and long-term relationships, we are also more than happy to work on a project-by-project basis. 




ONE was founded by Jonathan Lang, our multi-award winning Chief Creative Officer. Jonathan has been Creative Director at Ogilvy, Cape Town; as well as Executive Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson, Cape Town; and most recently served as Chief Creative Officer at Saatchi & Saatchi, Tel Aviv.

In his stellar career he's bagged a trove of the most coveted local and global advertising awards (as well as two black belts in karate). Jonathan has a passion for holistic thinking, and pioneering integrated media solutions.

Before launching ONE, he cherry-picked a team of specialists that he has worked with in the past as trusted colleagues and production superstars – some for almost twenty years.

Jonathan is flanked by David Gimpel, our Copy Chief and Strategist who has over 30 years of experience as a conceptual writer – winning accounts and awards for a host of local and global network agencies including Ogilvy, DDB, FCB, BBDO, Publicis, J. Walter Thompson, Young & Rubicam, King James and McCann-Ericsson. 

ONE already offers a fully-fledged, integrated collective of 14 senior, multi-skilled creatives, strategists, directors, producers, animators, researchers, client liaison, project managers and support staff.

They're tech-savvy, they're motivated, and they're loving the freedom, vision, and innovation that ONE allows for, and promotes.




Address:      7 Breda Street, Gardens, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Landline:   +27 21 001 1109

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